Welcome to the CELEBRATION of our special day!


Mark was born in the (then) small rural village of Blanchardstown (how things change!). An accountant by training and the youngest of 5 (FIVE!) sons of Clem and Yvonne Kinsella, he along with all of his brothers attended Belvedere College, a bleeding heart establishment in the North Inner City. We have yet to find someone who doesn’t like Mark save for that one shopkeeper in Bariloche, Argentina…More


Leo, the eldest son of Charlie and Kate O’Shaughnessy was also born in Dublin, where he grew up in the leafy south Dublin suburb of Sandymount all the while being schooled at Ireland’s finest private school Blackrock College. After attending Trinity College and a period of arsing around pretending to be a thespian he settled down into the exciting world of IT Infrastructure Consultancy. As Dublin’s most boring couple (employment-wise) Mark and Leo rarely talk about work. Leo is particularly well known for his scathing sarcasm and Walter Mitty-esque fantasies…More

Our Story

5th June 1995 Shaft Nightclub, Ely Place, Dublin 2

We first meet... (as told by Leo)
ttAs hilariously described by Margaret Cho, last call in a gay club is a very odd time, where usually all that is left are the fag hags and the undesirables. Leaving aside for a moment the fact that as I was still there I clearly fell into one of those two categories, this night was slightly different because as I made for the door I spied the bluest eyes I had ever seen staring back at me. Piercing my soul. Unfortunately he was extremely intoxicated due to having spent the entire day drinking with his family to celebrate his eldest brother Jim’s recent return from Canada, however despite drunken fumblings and some of the cheesiest lines heretofore attempted, delivered in slurred speech by Mark, I was smitten.

21st October 1998 Hanover Lane, Dublin 8

Our first home... (as told by Mark)
11422050_10152839573807617_3921822697108423962_nAs usual, whenever there was any actual work to be done (in this instance moving into our first home together) Leo was nowhere to be found. In fact he had landed a lovely little number shepherding some drunken car salesmen around Rio de Janeiro for a week at JUST the same time that all of the furniture moving had to be done. I dutifully built our little nest and had just assembled all of the flat pack furniture in time for his arrival back to Dublin. Tanned and still slightly drunk.

17th February 2001 Moore Park Gardens, Bourke St., Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia

The boys take an extended trip down under... (as told by some random Australians)
sydney - hobart 02 003Just as their own economy was taking off, these two drongos decided to up sticks and head off travelling for a month or two visiting Leo’s brother Ryan and his then girlfriend, now wife Siobhán in the Cayman Islands, and thereafter to Cuba, California, Las Vegas and finally Fiji where they ran into his childhood friend Des Ennis‘s rather startled parents from back home in Dublin, and a couple of jolly Corkonians Dónal and Bláith who would prove to be some of their closest friends over the next few years. Settling in Sydney for three years, Mark and Leo were a drain on the Australian State and a burden on their growing group of Irish, Australian, Scottish and Kiwi friends. Since referred to by Leo as “some of the best years of my life” especially after significant quantities of whiskey, to be honest most of Australia was quite glad to see the back of them.

5th June 2005, Steevens Gate, James St., Dublin 8

We move to our mansion, our little slice of Sydney in Dublin City Centre (as told by Leo)
Assorted Views from Steevens Gate Jul 2005 053Shortly after returning to Dublin and desperately missing the light from down under, I started to religiously trawl property sites for something that would give us the kind of aspect we enjoyed in Sydney. After possibly the most stressful 12 months of our life, we auspiciously finally signed the contract and received the keys to our new home on our tenth anniversary, the 5th June. We’ve been there ever since and are slowly filling it with useless crap that we pick up on our travels round the world. Home to Dublin’s “Gay Soup” and second home to a multitude of our itinerant travelling friends, the view of Guinness alone was worth the time and effort to secure.

22nd September 2008 Dublin Airport, Dublin

The world tour (as told by Mark)
IMG_0731 - CopyWith almost uncanny timing, Leo and I chose to take sabbaticals from our careers and take an 11 month trip around the world on mostly borrowed money at almost exactly the same time that Ireland, indeed the entire western world was suffering a massive economic meltdown. Leo fondly recalls losing multiple Facebook friends that year as we posted photo after photo of long Brazilian beaches, Galapagan fauna on beaches, Peruvian Incan historical sites and beaches, Patagonian mountains and glaciers, Australian outback panoramas and beaches and South East Asian jungles, temples and…beaches whilst simultaneously reading increasingly shrill stories of doom, gloom and disaster from home. It was truly the trip of a lifetime, and we were both frankly a little confused to return to mostly irritated friends and some very anxious bank managers.

1st September 2012 The Mansion, Dublin 8

The family expands (as told by Judge)


Woof woof, woof woof woof, woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof woof Leo, woof woof woof woof woof Mark. Woof woof woof woof Gabrielle & Ellie. Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof. WOOF!

23rd May 2015 Olympic Valley, Lake Tahoe, California, USA

The Proposal... (as told by Leo)
IMG_4416On the 22nd May 2015, the Irish people did something that neither Mark or I had ever hoped to see in our lifetimes, they graciously voted to allow everybody, regardless of sexuality the right to marry the person that they loved. At approximately 2pm on the following day crippled by colossal hangover pursuant to a night on the booze with our friends Patrick and Cindy, once the landslide result became clear, and just as soon as I had stopped crying uncontrollably, overcome with sheer joy (and possibly related to the hangover), I took the opportunity to do something I had waited a very long time to do. Just 13 days shy of the 20th anniversary of our meeting, I asked Mark to marry me. Thankfully he said yes.

5th June 2016 Castle Leslie Estate, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan

The Party ... (as told by YOU!)


A comments page will open up after the wedding. We would love if you could add some memories, some photos and some stories from the event.

The Wedding

The ceremony of marriage will be held in the Castle Leslie Estate at 4pm sharp on Sunday the 5th of June 2016.

Children are very welcome to the ceremony and during the champagne reception, but we would request that they are left with a babysitter before the meal.

A champagne reception and wedding breakfast will follow in the pavilion.

The following day, Monday the 6th of June is a Bank Holiday in Ireland, and Leo and Mark and our families will be staying on in Castle Leslie for another night and dissecting the gossip from the night before in the Coach House and Olde Bar in Glaslough. We would be delighted if some of you could stay along with us.

3:00 PM
Check in at Castle Leslie, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan
4:00 PM
The Official Bit
4:30 PM
Champagne Reception
6:30 PM
Wedding Breakfast
8:30 PM
Toasts & Cake cutting
9:00 PM
Throwin' shapes begins
The Bar in Castle Leslie will stay open all night. Enjoy yourselves!

Mark’s Best Man

Jim Kinsella

Best Man
Kinsella family tradition dictates that the next youngest brother acts as best man. Jim, being the eldest will therefore act for the little lad’s best man fully completing the circle.

Andrew Kinsella

Address on behalf of Mark's family
Andrew is the second eldest of the five Kinsella boys. He introduced Mark into the Belvedere Youth Club, and as a result Mark has served as Treasurer for the last 6 years. Mark still hasn’t forgiven him. Andrew is also responsible for introducing Mark to the finer points of wine tasting.

Dramatis Personae

Ciara Flynn

Ciara and Leo have been fellow choristers since 2005 and currently sing in Enchiriadis Chamber Choir together, some of whom will be singing at the ceremony. Ciara is a teacher at the same bleeding heart establishment that educated quite a few of the people attending this wedding. She, Mark and Leo can often be seen painting the town red under the pretence of attending cultural events.

Brendon Marczan

Toast on behalf of the assembled guests
Brendon has been Leo and Mark’s gay child since they met in Sydney in 2001. He is design lead for a famous clothing company and an extremely fine artist. He is sure to give an extremely entertaining speech for which reason Leo will be having a kill switch for the microphone installed by his seat at the top table.

Ellie O'Shaughnessy

Ellie is Leo’s god-daughter and his absolutely most favouritist niece and really, really loves chocolate. Hopefully she will be able to resist her addiction long enough to scatter petals for an hour or so on the big day.

Judge Kinsella O'Shaughnessy

Ring Bearer
Judge has been a member of the Kinsella-O’Shaughnessy family since 2012 and will be participating as ring bearer for the ceremony. He has a penchant for digging holes in expensive furniture and as such will not be allowed anywhere near the Castle on the day.

 Leo’s Best Man

Kerida Naidoo

Best Man
Kerida and Leo have been close friends since meeting in the College Historical Society during Leo’s first week in Trinity when they discovered a shared interest in German automotive engineering and whiskey. Kerida is an extremely fine debater and criminal barrister. Both of which skills may some day be of use to Leo.

Charlie O'Shaughnessy

Address on behalf of Leo's family
Charlie is Leo’s long suffering father. How he hasn’t throttled Leo by now is frankly a mystery to the rest of the family. He is not very good at keeping secrets, but then neither is Leo, so I guess that’s just a familial trait.




Castle Leslie Estate

Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland

Home to the Leslie family since the 16th Century and rebuilt in the Scottish Baronial Style in 1871 the estate covers 1000 acres of parkland, woodland and lakes, 11km (7mi) north east of Monaghan Town.

The estate is 60 minutes from Belfast International Airport by car and 80 minutes from Dublin.



  • Castle Rooms – There are 20 historic rooms in the Castle. These rooms have all been allocated to the wedding party.
  • Lodge Rooms – The Lodge has 27 modern double/twin bedrooms and 2 triple bedrooms located at the gate of Castle Leslie. Wedding rate:
    • €170 B&B per double per night with a €65 supplement for a third guest in the triples.
  • Old Stable Mews – 2 Bedroom Self Catering Apartments with children’s playroom and the possibility to bring a dog if you could be so bothered! This type of accommodation can only be booked for two nights. Wedding rate:
    • €550.00 for two bedrooms for two nights.
  • Village Cottages – 4/5 Bedroom Self Catering Cottages in the centre of Glaslough, a 5 minute walk from the Castle Gate. These are a great option for groups of friends who wish to lodge together. This type of accommodation can only be booked for two nights. Wedding rate:
    • 4 Bedroom Cottage €750 for 2 nights or €820 for 3 nights
    • 5 Bedroom Cottage €890 for 2 nights or €960 for 3 nights.

All accommodation must be booked and paid for directly with Castle Leslie except for the Castle rooms. Castle Leslie will release the accommodation for sale at 9am on Friday 13th November. You should contact Castle Leslie as soon as possible to ensure that you secure the type of accommodation that you require as we have been informed that certain types of accommodation book up quicker than others. Contact details for the wedding are:

Castle Leslie Estate,
T: +353 (0)47 88100
F: +353 (0)47 88256
E: info@castleleslie.com

W: www.castleleslie.com


Other local accommodation.